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Name: Olivier Richters
A.K.A.: The Dutch Giant
Date of Birth: 05-09-1989
Instagram: @thedutchgiant

Email: [email protected]

Born to early, but already 10cm taller (70cm total) than an average baby, The Dutch Giant was born. On the age of 14 I was 2.00mete, already a head bigger than my teachers. I reached 2.10meter when I was 17 and ended at 2.18meter (7’2″) at the age of 19.

I was very insecure about by body, it was not in proportion. Weighing 80kg at the 2.18m was simply to skinny. The mirror made me sad. It felt like I was born with a curse. I wanted to break the curse by getting my length in proportion with my width. And thus… my 8 year transformation started where I gained a total of 70kg. It was a constant discipline of eating and training, I never stopped. And yes… I did break my curse. I created a proportional figure.

While building my physique, supplements have always been part of my diet. Since my body is my profession, I only want the best. This has pushed me to create my own supplement line: ”Dutch Giant Nutrition”!

By being in control of my own supplements, I was able to select my own ingredients, use trustworthy European suppliers and only use ingredients that are scientiffically proven, without any influence form a third party. No fillers and no misleading marketing information. All my supplements have been lab tested: what you see is what you get!

With the help of my online supermarket Muscle Meat in the Netherlands, Dutch Giant Nutrition is now available on this website, world wide, with free shipping for orders between €50 and €150, depending on how far you live.